Thursday's Eats

Look at me, I took pics again! Of course the first picture was taken from the helicopter above my cube, or not. So, I didn't eat all of this, I skipped the Smart Ones because I was full. What I did eat was grapes, nectarine 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, quakes, thomas' fiber light english muffin, one light laughing cow cheese.

For dinner, hubby made porkchops. In my attempt to eat more protein, I ate both halves. mmmm tastyHe also made me sweet potato fries (or baked sweet potatoes with olive oil salt and pepper). yum. I can eat so many of these, and ended up finishing my portion before I remembered to take a pic. So this is hubby's half. Finally, I made some airpopped popcorn. yum. I still have a splitting head ache, and I apparently burst freckle-sized blood vessels around my left eye. I'm grateful to work with doctors and pharmacists so that I don't have to actual go to a doctor and pay hundreds of dollars. So, I know that nothing is wrong with me, other than the fact that I've sneezed too much. Good thing I always wanted freckles!