Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming

So, last night I got sick. Seriously, like dealing with a sprained ankle isn't annoying enough! I'm running a fever and am aching all over, the prospect of going to work was daunting so I'm home. It's 11:26 and I just woke up from sleep #2. I hate not being able to be comfortable, I'm either too hot or too cold and frankly, blergh.

However, this is awesome for my diet. I have no hunger. it hurts to swallow. Now I just need to catch up on The Real Housewives from NJ from last night and I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here. I know, complete trash. But, I met a girl last weekend that works with an exwife of a Manzo brother, apparently they are as crazy as they are portrayed.

So, probably no food photos today. I had plain eggo waffles for breakfast and a ginger ale(diet).

On another note, when I got hurt last week and started to drink diet soda I thought that I'd get re-addicted. That is NOT the case. I'm not a fan at all, and often don't finish cans that I open. It's truly interesting how our taste buds change! Now if only I can turn my nose up at anything fattening!