Sprained Ankle Diet?

So, Fatbridesmaid wrote yesterday about the cold diet, and how she lost weight while sick.  Well, I hopped(gingerly) on the scale today and it was down! Huzzah, to my this time around low of 2_9.4.  Not sure if it's because I barely ate anything yesterday, or because I've been cutting down on snacks due to my inability to walk anywhere.  Either way, I'm gonna keep this up!
Unfortunately as the fates would have it, I'm back on packaged lunches bc hubby didn't cook last night, since I wasn't able to eat anything.  However, I'm feeling sick enough now, to be considering skipping the lunch.  I'm also considering going home and getting back into bed.  I did however take a group shot of my breakfast and lunch this morning. So, I will post that later!