So that's what that tastes like

My experiment of cutting out added salt is going pretty well. Last night hubby made spaghetti with olive oil, parm cheese and spices. No salt. Delicious. It's strange to taste these things without what I thought was an essential ingredient. I have no idea however, what impact this will have on my weight loss, if any. I do know that this is the healthy choice. And frankly, that needs to be my focus.
However, before I give anyone the wrong idea, hubby brought home Ben and Jerry's last night to celebrate some good news. I did have some, probably a little more than a serving. Thankfully, I live with a professional athlete that can eat 3 servings of Ben and Jerry's and still lose weight. (Yes it makes me jealous every day) But it means there is no more ice cream in the house to tempt me tonight. So, that is good!
I know I got a bit off track and I know I need to reinstate my healthy eating objectives. Eat fewer than 1400 calories, 200 carbs, eat at least 25 grams of fiber, drink 8 or more glasses of water, don't add salt to my day, don't drink and unfortunately keep my green leafy vegetables to a minimum. Hmm that's a lot harder to say than "I'm on Atkins/Weight Watchers/Zone etc"
I have realized that I feel so so much better when I follow these rules. My body really enjoys being treated correctly. So, now I need to think about my next addition/subtraction. I'm thinking these Chia seeds could be a good idea.
Does anyone else incorporate chia seeds into your diet? If so, how?