Settling In

We're new in Denver, I hate being new in town. It takes forever to make friends and to have a network of people around for support and good times. However, not having a lot of friends definitely makes it easier to diet. I used to go out a couple times during the week and then on the weekend. Every activity inevitably involves food. Not healthy food either. That was one of the benefits of Atkins. Hamburger without a bun and broccoli on the side. Ummm no longer an option.

I'm starting to meet people here and this means that I will be going out more. I obviously won't be drinking, but I will be eating. I know what are good decisions and what are bad decisions it is a matter of conquering any cravings I may have. Can't hide from life, so I better remember how to work my diet into it!

Onto the show

Today's dinner and lunch are MIA since dinner will be late, but yesterdays food is all here.

Breakfast was a Thomas' English Muffin with laughing cow and watermelon. Lunch was half a pork chop, quakes and a South Beach S'mores Bar.
Dinner was the pasta I mentioned this morning Soooooo tasty (olive oil, Parmesan cheese, Italian Seasoning) Not pictured is the ice cream. But who needs to see that?! Today's breakfast was a Thomas' English Muffin and laughing cow (1.5 wedges), watermelon and a latte. As a side note, does watermelon bother anyone else's tummy? I don't have a gallbladder so I blame strange activities on that but I never thought of watermelon as something that would be upsetting. Weird. Like a dog with chocolate, I continue to eat it.
Instead of eating the pork chop hubby took me to Panera (again!) and I had half of a Tomato Mozzarella Panini (Hubby had 1.5 sandwiches) I did have a bag of potato chips. But on the good side, hubby got to meet two of my coworkers that I really like. So, it was a win.

Gosh, I am still exhausted, I guess I need another really long night of sleep. If I'm not commenting on your blog it's because I'm sleeping!