Reality Check

So, I was talking to Jessi today about tracking weight and I remembered that in 2007 I had this spreadsheet that a girl on sparkpeople came up with. I had hit a plateau and so I started tracking all my measurements, body fat %, calories burned, everything. It helped a lot. But I got busy and so it fell by the wayside in November 2007. So, I'm going to start over again and see what happens. I took my measurements and well...11 inches gained. Most in my waist and hips. My BMI has gone up 5 points. Well, now I have more goals.

Onto today's food. Breakfast and lunch: Breakfast, 1 hard boiled egg, coffee and 1 peach-the peach wasn't ripe, but I sniffed it for like three hours and the smell alone made it a good meal. Lunch was leftovers from last night, steak and potatoes and 100 calorie pack of goldfish. I skipped the quakes and had fiber one bar instead.
Dinner was chicken with lemon and rosemary along with an artichoke.Also, a glass of wine
And this bowl of watermelon put me over the edge of full even before I finished the wine. Too much too fast.
The hubby did a great job preparing food for me for this week. He's gone until Sunday and I want to keep up the healthy eating through his absence. I even want to avoid the frozen meals unless necessary. Oh. and I should probably mention that I did battle with some cake today. The cake won. I had three bites. I was definitely thankful when I noticed the cake box in the trashcan. It is safe to enter the work kitchen again! (I ate the bites too fast to take a picture)

There's my confession for the day!