Public vs. Private

This phrase is used so often in my line of work (health care policy) but in my head, it means a totally different thing.  My eating habits are very different when I am in public vs. private.  This morning coworkers went to Panera and I obviously couldn't go bc of the whole, I can't walk thing, but I was hoping that even though I turned down any offers to bring something back, that they would buy cookies for the section.  I was thinking "I hope I can have a cookie" when a coworker came back and offered me a cookie, I turned him down.
This story would have ended differently had the cookies been placed on a table and left there for people to enjoy.  I'm trying hard to reconcile my public eating and my private, mostly by not owning items that would tempt me at home.  I'm also trying to enjoy treats publicly at work when I *really* want them, so that I don't go and pick items up to eat alone at night because I was fixating on the food all day.
So, this weekend I ate totally publicly and made good choices.  I tasted and shared and left desserts on the plate even though the hubby was too full to finish them.  I ate, but was never full, never hungry.  I haven't stepped on the scale in ages because of the ankle issue.  I did put on pants that felt loose this morning. so that was nice.
So, I've got 2 weeks until we travel again.  I must say, traveling injured makes airports sooo much worse, this weekend 2 people cut me off to use the handicapped stall (I was on crutches both had no visible injuries) and on the train ride from the terminal to the baggage claim a family beelined to the one bench, I had to squeeze in and around another member of their party to sit down!  It's not a long ride, but on crutches I'm not stable enough to deal with the jerking forward and to a stop.
Once my leg is heeled I will be much, much more considerate and aware of other people's needs.