So, I didn't blog earlier today. I really just had nothing new to say. Plus I was busy at work and frankly, all of our attention was on work and the Governor Sanford saga. I love political gossip. Also there was a lot of work to do.

Unrelated to my post last night, I forgot my camera at home and so just imagine my breakfast and lunch, leftovers from last night and the same breakfast and snackies.

I had to go to the doctor again tonight to check my blood, and it was perfect! YAY! Two weeks until I have to go back, of course two weeks from now is after my deductible resets.

Tonight is all about preparations for our trip to Utah tomorrow. Hubby made lemony green beans and chicken with mushrooms. I love these green beans!This dish was cooked in white wine. WOW I could totally taste the wine. Since it was cooked I'm pretty sure I'm ok. I think I'm starting to prefer white meat to dark, and this meat was cooked with the skin on, but I didn't eat any of it. Who am I? I used to lurve dark meat and a well seasoned skin. Maybe it's a texture thing like TMcGee was talking about? Who knows.
In preparation for this weekend I popped all of my remaining popcorn and seasoned it with my white cheddar and jalapeno seasonings and I also tried out the recipe for Super Charge Me Cookies. I made a few adjustments and the batter was SO good. I have no intention of becoming vegan, but I've read two good reviews about these and they didn't disappoint.
Yum. I had this cookie, it is apparently hiding my entire cooling rack of cookies from the camera!
Nutritionals are approx: cals: 161 fat: 6.3 g protein: 3.8 g carbs: 23.4 g fiber: 2.9 g

I think I'll freeze them overnight and pack a few for our trip. Delicious!