POM Post

A few weeks ago the nice folks at POM Wonderful offered to send me a box of their product to try. So last week while I was resting my ankle/developing DVT I had a little fun photographing them. Unfortunately they came out a bit fuzzy and I didn't realize until now. There are only two bottles left. boo. But here are my somewhat fuzzy pictures and my somewhat messy house in the background.
As far as the POM goes. I like it, it's a different kind of taste than other fruit juices. It is not too sweet, and I appreciate how healthy it is for you. If I'm going to drink calories, I want there to be a purpose. That's why I avoid the OJs and apple juices of this world.
I have decided that my favorite way to drink one of these babies is to mix it with seltzer water. That way it lasts longer. Hubby drinks it like a shot. He compared POM with apple juice.
In stores I haven't been able to find 8 oz containers so, it could become an expensive habit if hubby wanted to drink it often. However, it is nice to know that it is 100% juice so there isn't added sugar and other strange items.
I guess I really just can't get over how cute the bottles are!
As far as the rest of the day goes. I'm apparently still in mope mood and I finished off my moping food.(no pictures since I feel bad being a temptress)
I have to say, I feel gross. I have not eaten well. I have made more poor decisions. To counteract the gross I did have a glass of POM and its helping. But I have to say, I think my taste buds are changing. It's no fun to eat food and feel nasty.
I really did miss my watermelon today, and my protein. Starting the day with a hard boiled egg seems to do me well. I truly enjoy eating the meat dishes that hubby makes and they are so flavorful that they are satisfying to my belly and tastebuds.
Now that he's back and 100% done with his job I'm looking forward to focusing on more varieties of side dishes and fishes. Food should make you feel good. Not bad.
How did it take me 29 years to figure this out? Oy. That being said, there are some things you never lose the taste for. and I'd like to incorporate moderation into my diet and be able to have some REAL ice cream and other treats on occassion. I did OK with Ben and Jerry's since it took me 3 days to finish something with 4 servings. and for a mopey binge, I count that as a success.
On Monday it will be 4 weeks since my injury. Four weeks of relative inactivity. I'm missing moving around and doing things. Thanks to the DVT I have to get up every 30 minutes, which equals a very clean house. Unfortunately the not healing very fast sprained ankle means that I can't do too much. Last night my ankle was in so much pain from all the unexpected activity, I was thankful that some ice numbed it. It's gonna be a long summer!

I'm off in search of some vegetables low in vitamin K so that I can hopefully counteract the nastiness.

One last thought, I must say, I hate feeling this gross, but I am grateful that I didn't love all the crappy food. I'm glad that I'm not craving anything other than vegetables and real food. This is progress.