oops, I did it again

I hurt my other foot. I am JUST that good! I was going to drinks with a friend and stepped on a pine cone that was in the middle of the side walk and down I went. Suck. Thank goodness I could stand on it since hubby wasn't there to help me to the car. After all that I needed some pain killers and a drink. Although, I couldn't have either! Instead I had a Shirley temple(with extra maraschino cherries). My friend came over for dinner after happy hour so I have no pictures of dinner. I'm thinking of outing my blog so I think you'll see more pics from when I go out.

Today hubby and I were shopping over lunch time, so it was a good time to try the cookie. I had three bites. It was OK. (130 calories 2.5g fat 26 carbs 4g fiber 3g protein) Better than most of these types of bars. I'm not sure if I need to get this again. I really want to try those Gnu bars and see if they can replace my fiber one bars.
I also got a latte from Starbucks. No sugar/fake sugar added.
At home I had some more beef leftovers. yum!

Dinner was the same as Wednesday, garlic roasted shrimp and broccoli. I decided that I need to add a few leafy green vegetables before my next doctors appointment to see how it impacts my clotting.

Well I'm gonna spend the rest of the night icing and walking. Gotta keep the swelling down but keep the DVT from forming.