One month later.

It's been about a month since my first ankle sprain. What a month it has been, oh the doctors appointments and medical bills and sedentary lifestyle. Well, my ankle survived the mini-hike last weekend, so today I decided to walk home from work! I survived! My ankle is still pretty huge. Here is a picture for comparison, boy I need to repaint my toes! It's great to be able to walk home again, although I miss having the few minutes with hubby on the drive home. Boy, my right leg looks skinnier than I thought! Boy my left leg is HUGE. Stupid Clot!

Oh wait, this is a weight loss blog. I walked! Home! A whole mile! I did almost trip and fall, but I was able to catch myself in time. Phew.

Eating wise today is going OK. Breakfast and lunch were on plan, I even had a good excuse to miss the end of the fiscal year party! Then they brought the extra cake into the kitchen. I found an excuse to have some. I had about 3/4 of a tiny piece of cake. I loved every bite of it. Then it hit my tummy. and sat. like a brick. I felt gross. What the heck! What happened to my never ending cake appetite?

Dinner is cooking, smelling awesome. I am totally way behind on my blogs! Sorry I've not been commenting on your blogs, I'm trying to read through them as fast as I can!