oh boo, back to one ankle

so, the swelling has gone down, but it looks like there is still a cankle there.  Boo.  But in good news I did remember to photog breakfast.  I know! Go Me!  I'm so glad to be eating real food again, especially since, I will have had over 40 g of protein by the end of lunch!  Also, only 600 mg of sodium.  So, I'm well on my way to meeting my healthy living goals for today.
You'll see tonight, but for breakfast I had fruity cheerios, not the most healthy/adult choice, but I was craving them last week, and in moderation they're ok. sorta. At least they're whole grain.  But, hubby packed me a full cup of milk to go with my cereal and all of the protein is tiding me over well.  I may have to incorporate more (healthier) cereals into my daily diet for variety.  It's nice to know I can be satisfied with cereal and milk, I remember a time when it couldn't hold me for two hours.  Or, maybe it was my brain that thought it couldn't hold me, because I wanted to snack.  Either way, I enjoy not having to battle hungry all the time!
What are your breakfast faves?  I'd love to get more ideas of satisfying (and quick) breakfast options!