Off one wagon but on another

So, I've consulted with my pharmacist friends, and I must say, I LOVE having such brilliant friends and with the blood thinners, I am allowed to diet but I can't drop weight quickly. She then joked that my 2 lbs a month weight loss should be just fine! So, good thing my body is so slow! The second thing was that I really have to avoid leafy green vegetables, like for real. So I guess no salads for me. Finally, the no alcohol rule is pretty serious. I wonder if I can have it cooked in things....So yeah, I have a nice bottle of chardonnay in my fridge, so tasty. I hope Hubby enjoys it as much as I did!
So, as you can imagine, I get quite dramatic. And this whole, it turned out to be something thing is really blowing my mind. I'm freaking out about everything, did the pain move up my leg? Am I experiencing shortness of breath? Should my heart really be beating that fast? And of course, how am I going to self medicate? With food. Ummm isn't that what I'm trying to reform?
So, I've given myself two days to not really worry about things, I'm going to try to track it still. But, I can't worry about it. Yesterday was a bit of a success and a bit of a failure.
Success: I ate enough protein
Failure: A lot of it came from mozzarella sticks and Ben and Jerry's
Success: I still have most of the Ben and Jerry's in my freezer
Failure: I have no intention of throwing it out.
Success: I managed to pack my lunch today
Failure: My friends went to Panera, I asked for a muffin top, and they gave me a muffin AND a muffin top. I have every intention of eating that muffin.
So, I guess I can look at this as a test to see if alcohol has an impact on my weight loss. Of course, I have to stop eating Ben and jerry's first. But OH MY GOSH. I haven't had ice cream that awesome since I can remember. So, I will be eating more. Of course, hubby is coming home tomorrow, which is early (thank goodness) so he'll probably make a good dent.
I have to say, I missed having my sisters around.