NSV below!

So last night escaped me before I could blog, but I did take pictures! Yesterday we headed to a friends house for a going away party and spent almost three hours standing around, by the time we headed out my left leg was HUGE, my nurse friends told me to go and elevate it, so hubby and I scrubbed our plans to go out to eat so I could care for my stupid ankles.

Instead of going to a local restaurant, we got carry out and I looked through the recent Clean Eating Magazine and I found a ton of cool recipes including one for a Chia Fizz. I'm going to get the ingredients (if I can!) today and post the recipe and review later. I think this may be an awesome replacement for the mojitos and gin and tonics I won't be drinking this summer!

For the eats, we'll start with breakfast. I'm a creature of habit. Unfortunately it was a very tart mango and I didn't fully enjoy it.
The egg didn't disappoint. Deliciousness.
Onto last nights dinner, we ordered from a local pizza and wine bar, I ordered the Capricola, fontina cheese and field greens sandwich with a side of polenta cheese fries. We started with an order of flat bread with leek and truffle butter. Unfortunately the bread was cold and hard and the butter was mostly leeks and not much truffles. The polenta fries were meh. There was no taste. What you see below is what I decided not to eat (since, yes, I forgot to take pictures until after I was almost done)
What you see here is the half of sandwich that I didn't eat, the half I ate was actually smaller. I was stuffed and gave this half to hubby who gladly finished it and his pizza. So, that's what happens when you train for four or more hours a day.
I did need something sweet so I had three pieces of Lindt Intense Mint Dark Chocolate. Yum

OH! I almost forgot the NSV, I have a pair of pants that I bought last summer after I started gaining and they are loose on me! Huzzah! It's so nice to see a difference.