well, my tummy is back to normal. I don't understand, I'm having the same amount of pain killers as last week, but feel 100% better. My leg is ok, not great, just ok. I'm working on getting through your blogs, I will read and comment soon, there are just so many!

One thing I haven't gotten back into the rhythm of, is taking pictures...oops. Todays eats:
B: Apple cinnamon cheerios, nonfat milk
L: Smart Ones Mac & Cheese, fiber one bar, quakes
D: Chicken with Leeks and Apples(made by hubby! YUM), airpopped popcorn, handfuls of fruity cheerios, 1 strawberry, 1 fruit leather.

Starting tomorrow lunch will be leftovers, I'm leaving the frozen food behind. It is to be used in case of emergencies, or hubby's absence...

I have to say, having a hurt foot is the best way to avoid snacking at night. It hurts too much to get up! I feel like my other extremities are wanting to get in on the action, my right wrist is hurting. I broke it almost 2 decades ago and didn't get it looked at for a week so it didn't heal correctly, so the crutches and using my hand to lift myself up all the time has taken a toll.

Ok, time to rest the wrist and keep working off my tivo!