More eats

The rest of Today's food. You may notice a few repeats, I had one piece of porkchops split into two pieces, one piece at lunch and one at dinner. Of course I never remembered to photograph the chop while I was eating. So, there are two pics of the same half of a chop.

Of course I had popcorn. yum.Does this look familiar? I actually ate this half at dinner and took the pic after I ate the lunch half.My dessert is caramel drizzle mini delights. yum.I also had to taste these goldfish crackers hubby brought home.

And finally (we eat in stages) Dreamfields pasta with olive oil, Parmesan and some seasonings. yum.

So, apparently the next step in my cold is to lose my voice. This was fun. Especially since I spent much of the day on the phone.

One of my best friends called to tell me about her engagement! Yay! And to confirm her wedding date (Sept 12, 2009!yay!) and we talked about wedding plans and how she wants to use J Crew dresses. (hear the tires screeching to a halt) There is no way I'm going to fit into a J Crew size 14 dress by Sept. That is still 30 lbs away. Any advice on how to broach this subject would be great and well, that 3 months and 6 days away, so time is of the essence.