mmmm tasty

Still sick. Boo. But that doesn't mean we can't have an awesome dinner! Breakfast was simple, watermelon and 2 hardboiled eggs.(only one pictured) I think two was too many, or it was the watermelon but I was a bit full after this. Or my tummy was upset, coulda gone either way. I also had some crackers to settle my stomach.

I wasn't feeling much better when lunch time rolled around, so I had another South Beach Fiber Fit Bar, it's ok, had some nutrients.But Dinner was the real star of today's show! First off, POM Wonderful contacted me last week and offered to send me some product for me to review. I've had it before and really enjoy it. Plus there are some awesome health effects. However, 150 calories for 8 ounces is a lot for me, so-- I decided to make a spritzer. I've been having issues drinking just water through my illness. I think the POM is a good middle ground, it's nutritious, not diet soda and very flavorful. I had fun taking pics of the POM yesterday, so keep your eyes open for a random photo post!Now onto the true star of the day. Dinner. Hubby steamed some frozen broccoli, and sauteed the sirloin and cooked the potatoes in the microwave. The steak was cooked amazingly. I am so impressed, I should tell you all, before we moved to Denver so hubby could focus on his sport his dinners rotated between spaghetti and canned sauce and scrambled eggs, with some of those frozen bertolli dinners thrown in for variety. He had some specialties but we were often too busy to really cook dinner.

Now that we are out here and he's not working a 9-5 and I am, OMG. A star is born. He just knows how to cook. And his creativity is getting better and better. Boy am I glad to be his guinea pig!

Finally, I'm beginning to realize that the quality between my cameras is extremely stark. I own three cameras, a 35 mm SLR, an almost SLR digital camera and a little panasonic 8 megapixal camera. The little camera is the easiest to bring to places so I use it for all my meal shots. I'm realizing, however, that the photo quality is not that great. I should probably start using my almost SLR digital but it's so bulky and the lens cap falls off so easily so I can't just throw it into my purse....

What type of camera's do you use?