mmm nectar

Another big breakfast for me today. I woke up early and had a little hunger in my tummy. So I broke open one of our on-hand hard boiled eggs. I'm really really loving these without salt and pepper. They are so tasty!
And of course, my weekend mango. I'm always so sad to leave any fruit on the seed. I have to use a table knife so I don't cut myself and I try to get all the fruit but invariably there are tasty tidbits left over, and of course the tidbits left in my teeth!
I was still feeling peckish and hubby has eggo waffles every day and the smell is just overwhelming, so I helped myself to two. I had a new topping I wanted to try out in preparation for my new healthy challenge. More below.
I've been thinking a lot about this blog and my weight loss journey. I decided when I started all of this that I wanted to pick my own foods and rule my habits. On south beach I had to eat what was in the book. On atkins I was so restricted keeping my carbs below 20. There were so many things that my body wanted and I tried to replace it with fake alternatives that fit into the plan given to me.

Now, I am not bashing the plans, if they work for you, awesome! They didn't work for me. Instead, I'm now going to focus on just eating real foods. More of an almost-natural diet. Since there are processed foods that I just love. My body feels better when it is being fed stuff that is more natural than not. So, I'm going to switch the main focus of the blog to trying new ways of doing things, either adding healthy habits or subtracting unhealthy ones. Once the blog is up and running, you'll get to follow my progress my clicking on the Progress button that will be up top.

My healthy challenge for the last week in June is to cut out sugar and fake sugar. I'm up in the air about where Stevia lands, I'm gonna place it in the natural alternative for now. Please feel free to share if you know more about it. I'm gonna look into it more.

Also, I bought MADHAVA Agave Nectar yesterday. This is why I had the waffles, so I could drizzle some agave on it. YUM. It is so light and fresh and adds just the right amount of sweetness. I also put some in my coffee and could not taste it at all. Which is just as well since I'm starting to just have my coffee with milk and nothing else. It is also a local Colorado brand, so I feel really good about supporting the local economy.
It has a low glycemic index (32) and is 60 calories/tablespoon and even has 1 g of fiber.
I definitely recommend trying agave nectar. I have no idea if this will impact my diet at all. But I want to think beyond the pounds on the scale and start instituting healthy lifestyle choices that can carry me through life.