Looking forward to...

I have to admit that I am relieved that I'm not the only one that doesn't know how to envision being skinny. I read books and blogs of people that have successfully reached their goals and even though it is not, I think it must be fiction. I admire the way that skinny people can look so cute, how clothes seem to fit effortlessly. (as a side note, I noticed a skinny girl today with her skirt hem waterfalling-you know what I mean how the front is so much lower than the back bc of the junk in the trunk. I thought being skinny got rid of that problem!) So jealous, but I've almost resigned myself to a lifelong battle of love handles and back fat.

Then I see it, pictures when I was at my lowest weight (still a little more than 30 lbs away). Oh those cheekbones! I found myself getting jealous of pictures of myself for the first time! Of course this led me to getting mad at myself for regaining so much weight! Blergh. All of this to say, gosh darn it, I want to be 'cute' some day. To be able to put on a little sundress and put my hair back and be cute. Every so often I will probably post something that I want to experience once I lose the weight. I'd love to hear your stories in my comments!

Onto today's eats.

Breakfast and lunch photographed together stealthily before anyone got into the office. Breakfast was 1 hardboiled egg (no salt!) and watermelon along with homemade coffee. Lunch was half a porkchop, 1 bag of goldfish, 1 bag of quakes, 1 fiber one bar.
Dinner was half a breast of lemon rosemary chicken. I ate the chicken before I remembered to photograph it. So, here are the left overs...I also had another artichoke. yum

and finished up with a mango! Of course hubby called while I was in the middle of eating it and so my hands were all nasty. oops.

So, I finished all that and STILL had an empty pit in my stomach. WTH! So I made airpopped popcorn (looks the same as all the other days) and I discovered some carb smart vanilla ice cream, so for dessert I paired that with blueberries, and decided that I'm nervous about sugar alcohols, so I just ate enough ice cream to accompany the blueberries and threw the rest away. I didn't take pics though....

So, what do you want to hear more about? I know I need to improve the quality of my pictures, so I will work on that too