looking for some health foods.

Today is my flex day. I love getting a day off every other week. Today is a chance for hubby and I to have a slow day. Although, slow days do increase temptation for snackies, the kitchen is just feet away, and the cupboard has options in it (although no trigger options) Hubby and I are planning our meals for the week and going shopping. I'm really excited to wander through the Sunflower market and find new options for healthy snacks. I'm kinda thinking I want to make my own granola bars. Hmm need to find a good recipe.... My plan for the day is to continue to research healthy food options. I know what food-like substance I'm going to give up next, I just need to get ready to say goodbye and determine what counts and what doesn't. More on this after our food shop!

So after staying in bed three hours after I usually have my alarm set, I got going on breakfast. Since it was later, and since I'm home. My breakfast was definitely larger. I had more of the corn chex from last week, I love how they reflect in the spoon.
I couldn't get a good picture of this egg, but I really like having a plain egg in the morning. yum.

I rounded out my breakfast with my last mango. I need to get more because they feel so decadent on a weekend morning, to sit around and peel and eat the mango for a pretty long time. It forces me not to do anything else.
I also had a hard time photographing this one, probably bc it was so dark in here. Hubby doesn't like to use energy unless it's for the air conditioning so he sits around the house all day in the dark! Crazy guy.

We're off to the store, I'll report back on interesting finds later!