Is this healthy?

It didn't last as long. The green monster that is. I was hungry after work. Or thirsty? Or craving my new favorite treat. Well either way, I had an early dinner and my new favorite treat :) I was reading another blog that questioned if it was healthy/smart to take pictures of all of your food and/or give weight loss advice if you are not trained/educated. I still haven't figured out a response to that.

In full disclosure, every morsel that goes into my mouth is not documented. I have yet to take my camera out in front of friends, and after I write my evening blog, no more pics. Which usually means my dessert is not photographed. I track it all in sparkpeople. Which can be thought to be obsessive, but I find it useful for me. I love seeing what other people eat because it inspires me to try new things. As you can tell, I'm a creature of habit. I need inspiration.

Oh breakfast/lunch. I ended up not eating the fiber one bar.
Ohhhh green monster. It was good, but now my pharmacist friends are telling me that 'in moderation' means 'not at all' Blergh! I want to know what is right and wrong. I hate blood thinners!
Dinner was Chicken with Leeks and apples. It was good. I think my taste buds have changed. Dark meat is seeming too fatty. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. It's weird to see how things are different, although I did still ask hubby to bring home [name of food redacted] after practice.
Aww my new favorite treat. Air popped popcorn with Popcorn Seasonings, white cheddar and jalapeno flavorings combined. YUM. A little heat and some cheese. Delicious!
And of course, watermelon. The other reason that I like taking pictures of my food is that it gives me some time to work on my photography and try to find new ways of seeing old things. I need to work on lighting and maybe use my better camera...

What do you think? Why do you blog? Why do you read food blogs? Do you think it's healthy?