Ideas Please!

I'm having so much fun with all of these self challenges for healthy living.  So far I have:
Lent: Gave up diet soda (regular soda was given up ages ago)
June Challenge #1: Salt-stopped adding salt to foods
June Challenge #2: On the wagon, no more drinking while I'm on blood thinners!
June Challenge #3: adding chia seeds (chia seeds were added to a chia fizz drink and three green monsters!)
June Challenge #4: Giving up artificial sweeteners! (I use purchased agave and used honey instead of sugar free maple syrup.)
July Challenge #1:  Accepting ideas!
This self challenge is pretty loose, the chia seeds and artificial sweeteners has happened at the same time.  All of these challenges continue one on top of another.  So, I need inspiration for more challenges!  I'm thinking of adding something.  Maybe a type of veggie to my lunch?  I've done celery but meh.  I'd heat the broccoli at work, but would like to think about non-vitamin K veggies since I don't want to overdo it.  I have a bit of spinach in my green monsters and spinach is a HUGE vitamin K center.
I'd also entertain many many other ideas, except maybe giving up my coffee.  That one I have to wait for.  I've given up alcohol and diet soda, I can't lose my last drink vice yet!  Send you clean eating ideas and let me know what challenges you are setting for yourself!