I knew it had to end some time

let the bounce begin. Stepped on the scale and it was up like .8 lbs. One one hand. BOOO. on the other, I'm glad to know that the loss was real, and I'm really down 3 lbs. I'm gonna stay at this carb/cal level for a few days and see if it keeps bouncing, if so, I'll drop the carbs a little and see if it goes down again.
I've heard a lot of people sing the praises of Calorie Cycling. But I'm not sure if I'm disciplined enough for that. But I know I get in a rhythm and plod forward. Maybe instead I need to shake things up like 3 days at 100 carbs and 3 days at 200 and see if that does anything. I can conveniently schedule higher days for days I go out and see friends too.
I guess my thought is, that this whoosh may have been because I 'spiced things up' by changing my diet. So, I guess we'll have to see, I'll let you know! For the next couple of days I'll stay in the same range as I have been to see what happens.
How quickly do you plateau? When you do, what do you do to break it?