I did say almost...

For some reason I am exhausted today.  I was asleep by 10pm and up at 6am.  But I am beat.  So, my more natural way of living has been suspended for lunch.  I had a weight watchers calzone, quakes and a fiber one bar (pictures to come later)  I know this lunch is lacking.  And it felt like it.  Those calzones are just meh, I had to slam it back really fast to get ready for a meeting too, and it wasn't fully cooked, so my opinion is jaded but still, I don't feel energized and I don't feel 'fed' I had food but my body is kinda just meh.
It's really telling for someone that spent two weeks eating nothing but frozen dinners to realize that they are just blah.  I've had no veggies today and I feel it.  I'm craving something green. 
This is all to say, I need to plan ahead more.  I have some frozen items left in my freezer for days like today, but I'm looking forward to the leftovers I get to bring in tomorrow.  And boy does an artichoke sound good.  After spending so much time on restrictive plans where someone else is telling me what to eat, it turns out that my body has a pretty strong opinion about what I should be eating too. 
So yes, I'm following an almost-natural weight loss plan, but I may save my almost for delicious cake and non-healthy foods that I just can't live without (which is mostly made up of cake).