I can't do it

So, I have been planning on getting tortilla chips and whatever and just snacking all night with no guilt. I even went to the store and picked up some chips and dip. I start snacking and the bag wasn't disappearing as fast as it once was and I just didn't feel like it. So, I made mac and cheese. I had some, but probably not an entire serving. I'm full. I don't really want any more. WTH. Now, this isn't saying I've been awesome today. I did eat the pastries my coworker got me this morning. I do hope to have some ice cream later but now I'm content not eating. WEIRD.

So, I have some follow up from my friends that are medical professionals. I am supposed to walk every thirty minutes. Can we discuss how I have a sprained ankle, and I'm supposed to rest it. Ouch. On the bright side, my house is so clean, a piece of furniture that we've been trying to put together is done. I have more to clean and that will keep me up and running, well walking. Ouch. My ankle is hurting so bad. I can't even take any pain killers. OY VEY. But hey I got to track some fitness minutes for cleaning (it takes extra effort, so it counts!) Is anyone having issues with sparkpeople today? I can't track anything. boo.

I did not photograph my muffin. I ate the hard boiled egg, the little hostess cupcake and watermelon. For lunch all I had was the porkchop.
Here is my bowl of macaroni and cheese. It may or may not be finished by the end of the night.

Tostitos, most of the bag is still there
POM and the Salsa con queso. I'm almost done with the POM, I've been mixing it with selzer.
So, we'll see if I can sleep tonight. Not sure. Can't wait until hubby comes home tomorrow. What good trashy movies have gone to DVD recently? I need something to watch later tonight!