How do you weigh?

Oh the scale, that darn/amazing teller of the truth. Or is it? We all have a unique relationship with the scale, and the relationship definitely changes over time. It can be our friend or foe depending on what it tells us. Back during weight watchers I unhealthily would try to starve/dehydrate myself so the scale would be kinder each Wednesday afternoon. When I was low carbing I'd weigh myself once a week and it was the determinant of my mood.
Then I got fancy, and bought myself a digital weight watchers scale. I could step on the scale three or four times and see a different weight each time. And the pounds would bounce between 20 or 30 lbs. When we moved we threw the scale away and started fresh. Oh how I loved that scale it said I had only gained 15 lbs that year(when it was more like 40) I knew something was wrong since my clothes weren't fitting, but boy did I love seeing those numbers. However, when hubby stood on the scale and it told him he weighed some ridiculous amount (like 140) we knew the scale had to go. Darn it.
All of this leads me to believe that scales are NOT the teller of the truth. They are faulty, have bad days, batteries die, they get kicked around and balance is off. For some reason this realization makes me feel less emotionally attached to the number on the scale. Instead I see it as a benchmark. Up or down depends solely on my behaviors, so my emotional connection should actually be connected to my behaviors and not some number that may or may not be correct.
The more I focus on behaviors and not crossing my fingers behind my back, the better I feel. I'm in control of my eating, my insides feel like they are working properly, I have energy. So, I do weigh myself every day, but I don't get wrapped up in how much it changes. Up or down I can generally account for the why it is moving.
Strangely enough, even though I weigh daily, I feel less emotionally attached to my scale. What are your scale habits? How do you measure success?