Houston, we have a problem

Emotional Eating.  When I got my DVT diagnosis the first thing I did was go to the Walgreens and get my drugs and also my comfort snacks.  I didn't binge as much as I usually did, but I didn't stay on plan.  This is one area I've been focusing on, not 'treating' myself if something goes wrong. 
This brings us to last night.  Hubby and I stopped by the grocery store so he could get garlic and I could get one of those pill organizers.  (yes, I'm 90, all I need is my Rascal).  And I wanted ice cream.  It's summer, it's warm.  Totally great time for ice cream.  So, I showed restraint and got the mint skinny cows that clock in at 140/150 cals.  Not bad, but totally satisfying.  I forget how addicted to these treats hubby is!  He had one when we got home and then another.  He then left to work out and had a rough workout and when he came home he said "I feel bad, I need another skinny cow"  and had another.  Reality is, hubby is insanely skinny, he works out for a living.  He totally needed the calories.  But, it's the perspective of "something bad happened, I need food" that worries me.  I'm mostly worried that I taught him this.  More than that, I'm worried that we'll teach our children this (don't get excited, thats still a LONG ways away). 
This brings me to realizing that I need to find another way to comfort myself when I'm having a bad day.   I don't want my children to grow up thinking about food as a comfort.
I want to know, how do you comfort yourself after a bad day? trashy tv? a long bath?  I'd love to hear all the ideas you guys have!