Healthy Choices

This go around I am all about making healthy and sustainable choices. I know cutting my carbs to 20 would be a quick way to shed some of those pounds (and inches!). But I have no deadlines looming, I just want to be healthy. So, today I'm lowering my salt. I love salt. I really do, it's one of those condiments that I sneak onto food and don't have to count. I know I should but I count it like splenda, a no calorie add on. Well, after eating all of those frozen meals and taking a good hard look at my salt content. I'm cutting back. No salt on my hard boiled egg, I even forgot to add pepper, it tasted good. I will continue to try to avoid adding salt (unless something REALLY needs it) and that is my healthy change for today.
Also, I've been thinking about what it would be like to be at my goal weight. I've been overweight since I was 7. I can see the pictures of a skinny me, but I have no recollection. I don't actually know what to think about what I will look like. I think that was part (a small part) of my problem last time around. I had no roadmap of how to act as a skinny person, and how I would feel. I mean delighted of course, not to have to worry about fat rolls. But I remember one day thinking, wow, if we get married in 2010 I will totally be at my goal weight long before then. Then what would I do?
I realize now that there probably will never be an end. I am me. I will always have to think about making good food choices. It's not like I'm taking off the freshman 15, this is the lifetime 100. This will always be something for me. But, that's ok it means I will have to be intentional with how I feed our kids, that we'll be sure to instill in them good eating because it isn't an easy thing. And that is the best gift we could give our kids.
If you've been big all of your life, what do you think about being skinny for the first time? Is it a little scary to you too?