Head in the sand

So, this morning I decided to be wild and try on a pair of Khaki's that at the end of last year were uncomfortably tight. They fit! They're from GAP so the thigh part is a little snug but they fit well, no front butt(we all know what that is, whether or not we like to admit it!)
So yay! So, I haven't mentioned it here, because I take the head in the sand approach to most health things. I have a high deductible insurance plan, so I pay for everything out of pocket, and it sucks. But, since returning from the wedding in Philadelphia I've had a cramp in my left leg. The one with the sprained ankle. So, the thought that I may have DVT has surfaced and retreated. So many reasons on both sides of the argument for it to and not to be DVT. (DVT is a blood clot, that if loosened can kill you) I have some of the risk factors (overweight, on the pill, sitting for long periods of time) and the darn crampy-charleyhorsey feeling. Darn it. So, I've sucked it up and made a dr.'s appt. Not till tomorrow, so I guess I just have to live through one more night.
More likely than not it's a cramp from A) walking funny B) wearing the new exerfit flip flops to the wedding and standing a lot C) propping my leg up funny, since it is propped all the time now and hurts most after I have it propped to a high angle. But because the alternative is death. I am going to (finally) take care of this. Blergh. Good thing we cancelled our trip for later this month, because the freed up $$ is definitely going to pay for tomorrow's doctors visit!
How do you handle aches and pains? Are you a hypochondriac or level headed?