Happy Hour/Happy Day

I survived happy hour and my diet didn't suffer. I had my iced tea and looked forward to the dinner I knew I had waiting for me. Before I left for happy hour hubby described the dinner options for the next three days and tonight was shrimp. Shrimp is my favorite food. It wasn't a hard decision. Although I was hungry when I got home at 8, it was worth it. Today was a success, I had fun with coworkers and they all know/understand my recent health issues and restrictions so there were no funny looks. One girl even asked to hang out again. Gosh, friend dating is so much like romantic dating.

Onto today's eats, I'd like to report that I went out and socialized AND met ALL of my goals. Boy I'm proud of myself.

Breakfast was the usual. I also had a latte, lunch was the usual with the addition of a Quaker Delights Granola Bar. This came free in my Quakes box and I must admit it was super tasty, but the nutritionals weren't great. 140 cals 2 g protein and just a couple of fiber grams (2 or 3). Ok. not great. But, it was tasty. Dinner was roasted shrimp with italian bread and olive oil. I did not eat all of the olive oil. I did however devour the shrimp (which were cooked sans salt! Just oil, garlic and red peppers)

Also, these pictures totally helped me remember what I ate today for my food log. So glad it's useful!