Fly By Green Monster

I made another one in the 5 minutes I was home in the middle of the day conducting a car exchange with the hubby.  Today's concoction only included spinach, milk, banana, flax seeds, chia seeds.  clocking in at 370 calories, 18 g fiber and 20 g protein.  Not bad. 
I have decided that I am going to take a few days off of work and go to Utah this weekend!  Neither of us have been to Utah and we have a very competitive state getting competition.  I am still leading.  (go me!)  He's got a couple of states that I need to secure, most notably, Hawaii.  For some reason he keeps coming up with excuses not to go to Hawaii!  Boo on him (Hi honey! I know you're reading this!)  So, I need to prepare for a road trip, but I think this will be good for me to practice my DVT exercises and bring along snacks that can keep me on the straight and narrow.  Or at least within view of it.
Now for some reason the week before we go away, I'm always tempted by snackies everywhere.  yesterday I wasn't really tempted but today, now that I know I'm leaving town, I keep dreaming of [name of food redacted] that is sold at the coffee shop across the street.  My coworkers just went out to get [name of food redacted] and I think ohhh I want some TOO!
I'm resisting.  Having two sprained ankles helps, but boy I'm so surprised that this temptation is coming out of no where!  But, my plan for the trip.  Make airpopped popcorn for savory, and some low sugar/high fiber healthyish cookies for sweet.  then Cravings will be handled.  Or I may be attacked by a bag of [name of food redacted]. 
What do you do for long road trips to avoid cravings?