ending the week on a high note

Look at me taking pictures again! My throwing food away trend hasn't ended. Yesterday I decided that one laughing cow was not enough, but two was too much. So I put on the appropriate amount on and threw away the rest. I know this is wasteful, but it's better than taking on the calories.
My morning was spent eating grapes. They lasted until about noon. The quakes were my post lunch dessert (missing: fiber one bar).My lunch was half of last night's pork chops. What a difference it makes when you eat 40 g of protein during the day. Once it all settled in I was fine, 0 hunger pains. Even after work. I could have waited longer for dinner but it smelled WAY too good.Dinner was hubbies Devil's Chicken, roasted asparagus and crack mushrooms. I don't actually know what he puts in there, I taste garlic, parsley and awesome. The recipe is part of the Naked Chef's mushroom risotto. We liked the mushrooms so much we forgo the rice.and what Friday isn't complete without a glass of wine. Hubby and I were supposed to have friends over for dinner, but they turned us down because of germs I may or may not still be spreading. This weekend will be a lot of husband wife time and keeping my ankle up. I think my flu came about after doing too much last week/end.

So, all you healthy people out there, what are your plans for the weekend?!