Down again!

I don't lose weight much, or often, so when the scale moves I feel the need to have my celebration. And once again, it moved! Today was 2_8.8 So I've crossed the 10 lbs lost threshold! (by .2 but who's counting) What have I been doing differently? well, hubby is home and cooking, yay! And I'm counting my carbs, I've ended each day under 200 g carbs. And man it's hard to stay under that threshold. But, at least it isn't 20 g of carbs, bc that's really difficult. So, I will keep going forward and being smart. My breakfasts will change. I now get into work at 6:30 am so no one else is here, and I won't feel bad breaking open a hard boiled egg. So, 2 of those and some fruit. yum. As for lunches, I hope to continue to have meat a large part of them. One area I need to focus on is eating veggies during the day. I have V8 but not in the mood. So, I may have to bring steamer bags for some frozen broccoli or something like that. yum!
GO ME! Also, I photographed my breakfast and snacks and will photo my lunch later. I may even photo dinner with friends there. I just need to come up with an excuse as to why (since the blog is a secret).