Diet Safe Pics

So, post number three, but I took pictures today! I have to wake up at 5:30 every morning to take one of my blood thinners and so, mornings start early in my house. This morning after the medicine time hubby said he was headed to King Soopers (weird name for a grocery store, I know). My ears perked up when he said grocery store. There is something I DO want from the grocery store! I thankfully fell back asleep and my desired grocery item was waiting for me making the apartment smell divine!
Peonies! On Friday I stopped by the grocery store and picked up lilies but I've been thinking about the peonies ever since. I carried peonies at the wedding and have been in love with their look for over a year. I've spent a lot of time today smelling the wonderful fragrance from both the peonies and lilies.
I did eat food too. Breakfast was more POM spritzers and chex cereal. A little back story on the chex, they have always been my favorite food but were banned once I started low carb. I realize now that I don't like them with milk. at all. Don't get me wrong, I finished my bowl, but the rest will be eaten in snack form since that is the preferred way to eat them.I wasn't really hungry for lunch, but we were headed to target and I knew I needed something in my tummy or else it could be a very calorie heavy trip. So, I had one of my weight watchers calzones. It was ok. Not great.
Dinner on the other hand. Was awesome. Another pork chop, which was cooked with minimal salt and sliced new potatoes cooked in the micro with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. I added pepper. No salt! Oh my gosh. So good. The taste it left in my mouth is still enjoyable. I'm realizing that I've been needlessly adding salt to everything. Yum.
I also had some quakes for snacks and watermelon. Oh, and also the mango I forgot to photograph. We bought some dark mint chocolate. I can eat 1 piece and be satisfied. That, to me, is a safe dessert to have in the house!

Well, it's almost Monday, I'm feeling ok I'm ready to make good choices and move forward. And seriously, having to get up every 30 minutes really helps the house to stay clean!