Wow, my blogging habits sure have fallen away! Take a few days off and I stopped writing blogs in my head. Weird. I'm back to it, but today was not the healthy day I was expecting. I went to Panera, twice. I held back, but didn't do great. I still have to add up the calories, but that will have to wait until I'm done typing. Dinner, however, was awesome. It was the steak again (yay for sales!) Delicious. Unfortunately I am feeling snacky now. Thankfully I just reached my full point. It is too uncomfortable to keep snacking.

Even though I got myself to the full point. Knowing to stop is new for me. I used to go out to dinner with my family, eat myself full and go home and eat more since 'it made me feel better' and it made the 'fullness go away' Um, WTH? Does anyone else do this?

Revisiting my healthy challenge for the week. I think I will challenge myself to recommit to all of my past healthy challenges. I need to stop the bad choice making!