Deep Vein Thrombosis

Today I went to the doctor to prove to myself that I do not have DVT. Imagine my surprise when the ultrasound technician(nurse?pa?doc?) told me that she saw a clot. omg

I was like, huh? a knot? no, a clot. otherwise known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). And to think I almost didn't go to see a doctor. Wow. Sorry I'm in a woe is me mood tonight. So, I'm now on blood thinners and they come with some interesting instructions. (click to embiggen) Among the rules avoid drinking (for THREE MONTHS! I will have to check with my pharmacist friends on this one) Don't change your diet by eating green leafy vegetables, and don't change your weight by dieting. Uhoh.

I have MANY follow up appointments in which to ask my doctor about the not losing weight thing. I mean if I keep eating like I have been is that ok? I just want to take a moment to be very thankful that I really like the doctor. He and I actually chatted a lot about our work history (both worked on The Hill) and state government etc etc. So, I'm gonna get to know him very well.Also, if you aren't squeemish, check out that needle IT'S HUGE! It's so big you can see it in the blurry far away picture. I'm gonna have to take that TWICE A DAY! Let me say as an aside, I'm ok with injections, I already take them twice a day. They, are NOT like this. Thank goodness I only have to do this for 5 days. So, yeah I did take pictures of today's food. Breakfast and lunch was normal. I ate everything except the cheesy chips

I have been motivated to be healthy and feeling very vitruous. But after the news that I've been at risk of DYING from(I can be dramatic) I decided to drown my sorrows in snackies. All things considered I was pretty restrained. A pint of Ben & Jerry's Whirrled Peace (I do not plan on eating all of this) one of the bottles of POM the nice people at POM Wonderful sent. Of course, watermelon. And some Kettle Corn (I did eat the whole bag, but it was only 4 servings.)Have any of you had DVT? If so could you tell me that it is all going to be ok?