Day of Rest

Welcome to Dino Land! We had never been to Utah before, never seen this type of landscape. It was amazing and totally prehistoric looking. But man, eating on the road is tough. Especially in a small town. We tried to find healthy options but ended up at Wendy's, Subway and McDonald's. Not fabulous. I continue to practice my, "I don't have to finish this" methods and even though I got frosties. I never finished them.

I also chose quite wisely with snacks. I made popcorn for Thursday and Friday and then I found some airpopped popcorn in a bag and baby carrots to snack on on the drive back. I also brought the Super Charge Me Cookies and hubby and I snacked on them that weekend. It was great to have healthier options around for both of us. The weather made us thankful we decided not to camp. It rained both nights and parts of the days. Despite the fact that our hotel was less than wonderful, it was better than sleeping in the rain!
On our way home yesterday we stopped by Dinosaur National Monument and took a quick hike (with two sprained ankles!) and saw real live dinosaur bones that were still in the rock. It was really fun to be able to do something active and to get out and about again!
However, today I'm hurting. My left ankle is in paaaaiiinn. I'm resting today, but I'm still going to walk to Book Club tonight. I'm trying to go farther and farther to hopefully strengthen my legs.

I did step on the scale today after breakfast and it wasn't so bad. Sweet! I did go over my calories every day, but not too terribly until yesterday. 2200 calories. Oops. I did spend about 5 hours standing around and then took a hike. So I did burn some of the calories off. Sweet.

Are any other sparkers loving earning the trophies? I'm almost 1000 away from my next one and I'm so excited!