Clean up, aisle two!

So, yeah. My mope-fest apparently is continuing. I don't know what's wrong with me, but the news of the clot really threw me into a funk. I'm just in the worst mood and of course I treated that bad mood to tons of food this weekend. I'm trying to log it all into sparkpeople but I keep getting error messages about a "Bad Verb" I have no clue. So, for all of you spark friends, you'll see my true self destruction at some point.
I did however start fresh this morning. My food is all logged into spark people because my blackberry spark app is still working. So, that's something. I'm going to keep the same goals I started last week with and see how I do. I really need to snap out of this funk! But the scale reminded me this morning that eating without control will not help. It will only in fact hurt matters.
I hope to actually sleep tonight because then maybe I can join the land of the living again and break out of this funk!