Carb Sick

Ohh today was an odd food day. I had a meeting at one and so lunch happened early and I didn't have the usual snacks. So, I was hungry during my afternoon meeting. A brownie may or may not have found its way into my mouth. It looked better than it tasted. boo. I came home starving and so I had triscuits and air-popped popcorn before dinner. Dinner was hubby's delicious spaghetti this time with shrimp.(yum) But, at the end of it all I was feeling carb sick. Like my belly was filled with the wrong foods. I apparently can't handle carbs like I once could. I'm looking for natural snacks to start stocking my house with that are balanced. We're going to the market tomorrow and I'm gonna look for some good protein choices to have at the ready when I'm hungry.

Today's eats include a hard boiled egg, latte and grapes. Lunch was leftover steak and quakes. Yum. If only this had held me for longer....

Dinner was the spaghetti with shrimp. There is no salt in this dish, just olive oil, parm cheese and Italian seasoning.
The pasta was cooked to perfection and the shrimp added the protein I was looking for.
you know you want some! Also, I need to get my silverware in more of these shots. I LOVE my silverware
But, when I was done, I knew I needed some fruit. It seems like the perfect antidote to carb sick (yes, I know fruit is carbs) but for some reason some fresh fruit really does the job. I'm also drinking a POM spritzer.
I am now the right level of full that I'm not uncomfortable but I'm not gonna snack while hubby is out tonight. Overall a win win.

Do you get carb sick? Is your body telling you more and more what it needs?