Are we really that predictable

So, it's my quarantine weekend, so I'm watching TV, and I'm sleepy so I'm watching in the bed room (read: without TIVO) So, I actually see commercials. One kinda stands out for me. The preview for Life in Ruins. It looks pretty innocuous at first glance, single girl goes abroad and finds love in a surprising place. But I was listening to the commercial and the two ways that the unlikely suitor wins over the heroine's heart are by telling her 1) 'You're too skinny' which stops her in her tracks and 2) 'your butt is too small' which she follows up with a big smoocha-roo.

Um? your butt is too small? really? First, the heroine is skinny. I'm sure America's Next Top Model may have something different to say about it, but for all intents and purposes, she's skinny. So, the writers thought that the way to her heart is by telling her she's skinny? What about her personality, her hair(which is perfect, how does one get perfect hair in greece with all the heat and humidity-just wow), her smile.

I just wish the focus wasn't on size. It makes me so sad that size distracts people from great qualities. Either way even, I've heard plenty of women say they would never date a man skinnier than they are. And on one hand I understand. On the other, when I met hubby his weight was the last thing on my mind, and mine was the last thing on his. Frankly, he was hot and his personality blew me out of the water.

For once I want the fat girl to get the guy not 'in spite' of her size but because of how amazing she is.

okay, rant over.