Again? Really? It's been a whole month?

Sorry gents, this is another post about female related issues.
So, I officially got over my cold yesterday, and I felt great, for like two hours and then I noticed my throat getting dry, and I was getting super thirsty and my hands started to swell a little(I didn't even eat 1000 mg of sodium yesterday). Then at night I was RAVENOUS. Which is weird because I'm usually not that hungry because of medication I am on. So, I looked at my nifty little pill pack and realized that I was almost at the end. My body is PMSing. Gosh darn it body, don't you know I won't be having a period until August?!
Due to some health concerns, I skip my period for three months, and yet my body still PMSes. Blergh. So, I can expect water retention until Sunday when I start a new pill pack and my body will realize that it's business as usual.
On the bright side my new healthy eating and living habits, my tracking of foods and daily weigh ins make me acutely aware of how my body works and reacts to internal and external stimuli. I really enjoy how much better I'm understanding my body. It makes me freak out less when I start retaining water for no reason and the scale goes up. Now if I can use this knowledge for good. How can I trick my body to drop weight consistently?! Either way, it's great that I'm actually able to understand what's going (well sometimes) on the inside.
I'm hoping as the weight goes down I'll be able to feel a difference on the inside as well as on the outside. I know that the last time I lost weight I wasn't paying as much attention to my health, aside from the tests that doctors do. All the tests got better-great cholesterol, blood pressure etc (even though I was atkins). But I didn't pay attention to how my body felt, and how my body reacted. It could have been because of my over-use of sugar alcohols which made my body VERY uncomfortable.
One of the tools helping me monitor what's going on is sparkpeople. I know I talk about it a lot, but I love it, I have just made my food and exercise tracker public, so if you are a spark person, look me up (I'm elle4308) and we can be buddies. I love checking out what people are eating because it gives me great ideas.