Under Pressure!

I'm watching the Biggest Loser finale now, and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling anxious for them. I don't think I do well with deadlines, for one thing, my body does not lose weight easily (thank you PCOS!) and I get anxious about meeting the deadline, and I spend more time worried about making it than anything. Even if I'm doing things right, when I get stressed, I don't lose. I know there are studies on it, and my nutritionist even explained it to me. But gosh darn it, it sucks! I would be a terrible TBL competitor. I wouldn't relax until it was all over.

I was this way with my wedding. I had work stress that caused me to stall, and then added on that planning a wedding and a cross-country move. I made the stupid decision to buy a smaller than my size wedding dress as 'inspiration' BAD idea. Thank goodness David's was nice enough to let me exchange for the correct size. I was so stressed over it I literally lost sleep. I also decided to do a ton of DIY projects. I didn't have a moment to myself to relax and focus on my weight loss. For the most part, I was on target with my carbs (I was low carbing) but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there were some days where my meals were entire bags of cheesepuffs followed by chinese delivery.

2008 taught me that I need to rework my priorities. I need to know what I want for myself, what makes me happy and what lets me relax. I need to focus on the big picture. I was reading Merry's post at A Merry Life on the Bigger Picture today and it got me thinking about how I am more than just my weight loss, but my weight loss is more than my eating and exercising. It's the whole lifestyle, drinking enough water (which would be easier if I had water in my apartment) and sleeping enough at night and reducing stress.

I started a new job this fall, and I am making sure that I plan my meals, have healthy snacks, and take time out of my day to track my food. I don't have time to chat on the sparkpeople boards, but I can log in my food. This makes a world of difference. It's strange how small meals can seem, when really they are extremely calorie dense. Also, I realized that at night, I HAVE to put the work down and focus on relaxing pursuits (reading blogs!) I need to work on focusing on my interests and giving myself more than food.

wow, so that was a long post. What I really wanted to say was I would be a terrible TBL candidate. I was getting stressed out thinking about the pressure they were under to lose X lbs by the finale. and BTW, I think I dislike Helen even more now....And not such a fan of Tara's dress....Go Mikey!(or Tara-she really kicks butt)

How does stress influence you? Do you lose or gain when you're stressed?