Sour Grapes

Last week I bought grapes at Target as an afterthought and they were GIANT and delicious.  This week I bought them at the Sunflower market.  they are tiny, and SOUR.  Boy does it keep me from eating them quickly.  It makes me think about the term "Sour Grapes" to deny desire for something one cannot attain.  It's not a perfect metaphor for my current plateau.  But I'm thinking that for so many years it's how I approached it.  I was never able to make progress so I just torpedoed myself by not paying attention at all.
I know I did this last year too.  After 7 months of getting nowhere. I stopped trying so hard. I started letting cheats slip in daily, and then letting the day/week go by without tracking.  I started back with the tracking and counting and still not getting anywhere.  It's frustrating so, I need to focus on the positive like Chai over at Relatively low-carb.  I need to not be stressed about the scale going nowhere. 
I need to feel good that I've overcome my temptation to binge at night.  I need to feel proud that I passed the convenience store and did not buy a bag of potato chips.  I need to feel good that when I did give in and bought potato chips and made a cake, that I had a taste and I tossed it.  I need to feel good that I pass Panera every day and do not go in, and when I do, I get nothing or coffee.  I haven't gotten a pastry there in months.  I also need to feel good that for some reason I don't feel like ordering delivery.  I have the option to, I just don't feel like it.  I need to feel good that calories and nutrients are the first things on my mind, even when I disobey the rules.  Finally, I need to feel good that for the first time, I am accountable.  I don't feel ashamed about my food choices, so much so that I photograph them and publish them on the internet.  Even when I was low carbing and losing, I wouldn't want to show the world what I was eating.  Now you see it all, save for some snacks (yesterday that was the slice of cake and a bowl of airpopped popcorn, 1 piece of fruit leather.)
I'm proud of that.  I'm proud that I no longer want to leave events so I can go home and snack on whatever treat I have hiding there.  I eat the same in public as I do at home (except, honestly, I think eating at home is SO MUCH HEALTHIER!)
So, Chai-those are my positives for the day!  I can't link to her blog(writing this on email), but it's awesome if you don't read it.  You definitely should!