Slow and Steady

So, I'm realizing that unlike when I was low carbing, I'm taking my time to find what's right with me for this diet/way of life. I think instead of dieting and being extreme like I was when I was low carbing I'm gradually improving my eating taking small steps.

So far I've done well with finding high fiber foods and I've gotten that whole system working well. I've given up diet soda for the most part. It is now a sometime treat, maybe once a week. I've given up take out. I no longer long to order chinese/thai food after work. I've stopped going to sushi (for now). So, my next step is to focus on the processed foods. I'm going to eat whole real foods and work very hard for my proteins.

I'll refocus after that becomes second nature and see where I am. I won't be weighing in anytime soon since standing is REALLY painful.