Secret Eating

So, today I was faced with being starving, having my belly feel off and needing to drive through rush hour traffic to pick up my hubby who was stuck on the side of the road. So, what do I do? I buy a bag of chips. Well, duh! Because of course that's the best course of action. I looked at the number of servings and thought, I'd eat them all.

Strange thing is, that duh. Just because I buy a bag of chips doesn't mean I need to finish it. The rest of the bag is still sitting there, unfinished. I also planned to keep this from my hubby. I tried to figure out how best to hide it...I broke the cycle and told him. and he didn't care. (crazy, huh?)

So, maybe if I don't binge, I can enjoy snacks? in moderation. occasionally. My calories were totally out of wack today, I don't know what happened and why I couldn't get full. Don't you hate that? I drank enough water, ate plenty of fiber and protein. I don't know what when wrong.

Oh, and things worked out well with the hubby, I was able to pick him up safely, and I'm about to head to bed. Hope to feel better tomorrow!