Recipe for success

So, I'm faced with not enough groceries for the week.  However, I can not be trusted in a grocery store at 5pm when all I'm dreaming about is chips crackers, brie, cake.  I think I'm gonna have to get creative with dinner until Saturday, when I'll venture out after a filling breakfast to first hit up my Sunflower Farmer's Market (Yay Cheap produce!) then the regular stores. 
Everytime I 'think' I can go grocery shopping on a weeknight, I come home with treats and they are safely stored in my belly by the end of the evening.  Treats could include an entire bag of french fries (ohhh that sounds good!) an entire bag of caramel popcorn (24 servings).  I can't do it.  I can eat cereal, oatmeal, or other random items in my cupboard.  But I am banned from popping into the grocery store!
What are your tricks to keep your cravings at bay?  Is anyone else dissapointed by last nights Biggest Loser?  And did it REALLY need to be 3 HOURS?