so, even though I've been doing well with my calories this week, and yes, I have been eating packaged food.  My salt intake hasn't been crazy.  I haven't lost.  I'm about a lbs. up from my low.  I know Aunt Flow is in town, a week early, and will stay for at least another week.  So, I retain water like crazy at that time, and gosh darn it I'm drinking a TON of water.  Nevertheless, it's discouraging.  I really want to see the reward for my work on the scale.  I want to get into the next set of 10s, because that means I'm that much closer to where I started.
So, progress.  FitSugar had some gutbusting moves on their blog yesterday.  I printed them out and did them.  There are nine, I did six.  A good start, and it hurt. bad. So, go me!  Also, I walked faster on my way home.  I was starving and dying for the mango I knew was waiting for me, so I booked it.  (Look at me with healthy motivation!)
More progress, although Lent is over, I really kinda lost my love for diet (and regular) soda.  Yesterday a bunch of us went to a coffee shop and so I felt like I needed to get something, so I got a Diet Dr. Pepper, my fave.  I didn't open it.  I realized I didn't want it.  It's sitting on my desk, I'm not even tempted.  Strange, I used to drink multiple soda's every day.
So, despite the stupid scale continuing to be so mean to me, I feel like I am on the right track.  In some areas at least!
What NSVs have you had this week?