Product Review

l told you all a few weeks ago, that I decided to buy ExerFit sandels.  I do not think they'll totally revamp my life and cause me to lose 10 lbs (Although, wouldn't that be nice?)  So, the first day I wore them, they ripped my feet apart, they have a ton more fabric than Reef flip flops and a much higher arch.  So, I still have bandaids on my feet, but this happens to different extents with all new shoes and my feet (my feet hate shoes, what can I say).
So, first, no-they do not tire me out more than regular flip flops.  The salesman warned me about that.  My legs do not feel stronger.  But, that being said, if it burns one more calorie than regular flip flops=win!  Also, one thing about flip flops that I understand is less than good is the lack of arch support, so I feel like I may be doing something good for my feet.
All in all, if you love flip flops and are looking for arch support, these are a good albeit kind of expensive ($50) option.  I wear them daily, so I figured it was a good investment.
(I have not been paid or given any products to write this review, I bought them myself.  I just wanted to follow up on an earlier post where I asked if anyone had them)
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