New Computer

Ohh look at me! I've got photos! I bit the bullet and got a new computer. The computer I was using was from 2002 and may or may not have had beer spilled on it. After a false start, I came home and opened my brand new computer that is equipped with a media card reader! So, now I start taking pics of my meals, below are the three shots I took this week.

Yum, Mango. I had another one today
This was my breakfast one day (ignore the starbucks cup in the back, it's my tea mug). So, an iced panera nonfat latte, Mix 1 and green grapes. I usually take a few hours to eat the grapes, one or two at a time. yum!One of the failed lunches. The asian potstickers are tasty, the rice was meh. Fiber One for my afternoon snack and Mix 1 and an orange for breakfast.
So, that was last week. I'm excited to start this process more regularly! I may only post once a day since I don't have capability at work. But welcome to my food world!