My butt is officially kicked

Oh my gosh. We went up to Boulder today and went hiking. I wasn't 20 minutes into it and I was dying. I got beat by the mountain. I did have to use the restroom-urgently. But, lets be honest, I was thankful for the excuse to climb down the mountain. So, my friend and his buddy continued up the mountain, and my hubby and I went down. After a pitstop we decided to go up a less steep path up the mountain. slowly. I'm thankful my hubby doesn't mind my speed.

Frankly, I HATE how out of shape I am. My goal is to never be limited, and I limited myself today. I mean, my breath was SOOO loud and fast, I needed to stop. Blergh.

I need to go into the mountains more often. I do not want to not be able to finish something again. In good news, my butt hurts SO BAD. That must mean I worked it, HARD.

So, as for my weight. I've had some issues lately, I've bounced between my low of 2_9 to 2_6. Today I weighed in at 2_0, So I'm only .6 above my low. I'm hoping the scale is good tomorrow and I'll start posting again :)

Unfortunately, the hubby leaves again tomorrow. He's got to work 2 weeks at really odd hours. So, I'm basically saying goodbye for two weeks. I'm hoping to keep momentum while he's gone. I need to be healthy, I want to be healthy. That is the entire point of this whole thing. So friends, I may be posting a lot more seeking support from you guys!